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general conditions of business/sale
(terms of business/sale)

for EU-countries

german language

general conditions of business/sale
(terms of business/sale)

only for non EU-countries

In 1999 we have decided to extend our business activity in the world wide web. 
First published in german language, we now, in the year 2008/2009, proudly present the english version of natocorner.
How with all new projects, mistakes and deficiencies have also slipped themselves in.

For their clearance we request your help.

Therefore all clues (also including the positive ones) will be sent to the director of the company. The editing will be happening on the "top-level".

Our range of goods comprises more than 5000 products with a store capacity of -on the average- 25000 items. 
We work with about two dozen suppliers and producers and we are letting produce by ourselves at present.

Furthermore we have access to other trade partners on their capacities.

Consequently we are able to accommodate the demand of exclusive special request.

A quality control takes place daily, so that changes in the production on behalf of the producers and suppliers are recognized directly. Not convincing products are taken out of the assortment.

We don´t sell "cheap Far East ware".

Therefore there are definitely sellers with cheaper products, but we render the better service and quality!

basically counts:

general conditions of business/sale, state: December, 1st, 2021 -only for non EU-countries-

The supplied goods stays property of the supplier until the complete payment.

Costs that come into being occured of false transport/storage/use will be calculated with the for us accruing self cost quota.

payment / exchange

All prices in EURO incl. German taxes by statute VAT (19%).

By shipping to not EU-countries, German taxes (VAT) will be canceled. Following you will receive an order confirmation with the necessary delivering information, the article availabilities and the payment modalities.

payment / prepayment

With prepayment we takes a discount of EUR 8.00, for supply free of charge
(up to  EURO 8.00 forwarding costs; -exception bulky goods)

exception: discount prices

Discount prices are special pick-up prices where a delivery complying the chosen mode of dispatch is charged.

prepayment / per cheque

With payment per cheque (completely filled in), the dispatch takes place after crediting the bill sum on our account.

prepayment/ per mail-order: (only VISA / MASTERCARD)

That´s how it works: If you have chosen "credit card per mail order" as your type of payment (please give us your preferred recall time), one of our employees will call you back. Our employee legitimizes with the order number which has been told you. Then you give us your card particulars per phone or fax. We will get in contact with your credit card company and we will receive -financial standing implied- a special approval number for this one transaction.

So: optimal security, credit card data won´t be sent in the internet.

payment / cash on delivery

Cash on delivery (C.O.D): in addition EURO 15.00, included in the invoice amount of the confirmation of order.
(extrem high postage, altogether EURO 17.00, each delivery)

C.O.D only available for delivery in Germany -not for foreign countries.

14 days exchange/revocation right on all new products. Exceptions are denoted especially.
(e.g.: glasses, security/technical-equipment...)
The exchange/revocation time limit starts with the date of the goods handover by the carrier.

No exchange, no revocation of used goods.

(in spite of intensive checks and repairs of obviously visable defiencies, these goods will basically be sold as handicrafts without any guarantee)

You aren´t bound by your order if you revoke within a time limit of 14 days. The respite begins from handover of the goods. The revocation doesn´t have to contain a reason, but it has to be written on a durable data carrier, or it has to take place with sending back the article(s). If you can´t send the article(s) back as a parcel, the revocation happens to be written within 14 days respite.

Please send the article(s) back to:

natocorner company, incoming goods department: 54533 Niederscheidweiler, Hauptstrasse 2
UST-Nr.:123672576, owner: Axel Burdt

After receiving and checking the article(s) we will reimburse payment. Excluded are costs of money transaction (e.g. credit-card fees, commissions, costs of the approval proceedings), the costs of postage. 
For standard returns the handling flat rate is EUR 15.00. 
Of these costs you will be informed separately.

delivering costs

Our prices are pick-up prices. Instructions for delivering by ´HQ-LOGISTICS` result from your choice of payment and the kind of handing over the goods.

With prepayment and consignment of goods by HQ-LOGISTICS, 
(Petra Malow comp., 50997 Cologne, Im Teich 8)  
natocorner takes a discount of EUR 8.00.


With a revocation these costs will be subtracted from the made payment. The refund will take place immediately  after receiving your payment on our account.


Important: If the article sent back is not in the condition that we send it in (e.g. missing packing, soiling...) we have to charge the accruing costs for the proper condition, respectively we have to calculate the value loss.

Please consider that also you want to receive impeccable goods only

Important: (because of administration reasons) we only accept sales return
post paid natocorner company.

guarantee service (new products)

Please also return the articles post paid. We will reimburse your costs up to EURO 8.00.
Not prepaid transmittals can´t be handled. Legal guarantee respites are in force.

guarantee service (used products, special items, stocks)

In spite of intensive checks and repairs of obviously visable defiencies, these goods will basically be sold as handicrafts without any guarantee. Such goods are excluded from exchange.


For commercial clients the exchange/revocation right only counts after previous and written confirmation of our company.

natocorner company: 54533 Niederscheidweiler, Hauptstrasse 2, UST-Nr.:123 672 576

natocorner: incoming goods department: 54533 Niederscheidweiler, Hauptstrasse 2
Owner: Axel Burdt

Fax(vanity-number): 0700/natocorner-fax, complied 0700 / 628 626 76 329
Service-Hotline; on weekdays
(14.00-18.00 MEZ): 0700 / 628 626 76 

order & supply

Order: After receiving your order we will send you an email or fax with a confirmation of order, including the amount invoiced. 
If necessary, we will call you back -please give us your phone-number.

Persons underage can only order if they have a written statement of agreement by their parents or the legal guardian.

A proof of age is necessary for special labeld goods. 
Please attach a copy of your identity card and give us your email-adress for queries.

It is on responsibility of the buyer to comply with all laws and official regulations for import of any items purchased from natocorner company.

Supply: The supply will be realized after prepayment, for cash on delivery (COD-only Germany), or per credit card.
Our prices are pick-up prices that are valid from Niederscheidweiler. 
If you wish the supply of your articles, we will send your order in conformity with your chosen mode of dispatch.

natocorner supports the supply of prepayment.

We discount up to EUR 8.- for prepayment.
You will save up to EURO 15.00 -compared with supplies per C.O.D.

Exception: discount offers, delivery costs will be charged.

In case of prepayment you will -as a rule- receive your supply with no forwarding costs (delivery in Germany), in foreign countries for very low shipping charges.

The supply will be send as an insured parcel by GLS/UPS/DHL
To order the supply service, we prefer to you to handle it by HQ- LOGISTICS
company Petra Malow, 50997 Cologne, Im Teich 8.
With your chosen mode of dispatch you accept this service.


Cash on delivery is extremely expensive and labour-/cost intensive. The German post requires EURO 15.00 for a standard parcel.
Please consider, if you really want to be supplied per C.O.D. (only available in Germany).

Our forwarding costs grant is cancelled, because we don´t support the forwarding costs policy of the German post. C.O.D. is charged with EURO 15.00 (!postage!) by us. The post also requires from you a handling fee of EURO 2.00, when handing over the parcel.

Is it really worth for you to pay EURO 17.00 (only postage) for cash on delivery?

surcharge for (inferior) quantities / Germany

The surcharge for inferior quantities for an order value less than EUR 35.00/Germany amounts EUR 10.00.

surcharge for (inferior) quantities / foreign countries

The surcharge for inferior quantities for an order value less than EUR 50.00/foreign countries amounts EUR 20.00.

Supplies can only take place after the receipt of payment (prepayment!).


Privacy Policy

Important Note: Your privacy is very important to us. 

We do not use cookies, ActiveX, Java, etc. We do not use any spyware. We never sell your data or details. 

You can visit our websites without entering personal information. Different rules maybe apply to certain services on our websites and are explained separately below. Personal Information is considered if it can be associated exclusively to a specific natural person. 

General Information

Each web-enabled device is associated with a specific IP-Adress. The IP address is required to identify the associated web-enabled devices to interconnect to our webserver or webspace. Usually the IP address is allocated to a device, not to a person. There are dynamic IP addresses and static IP adresses. 

Dynamic means "can be constantly changed", mostly by your ISP -Internet Service Provider.
Static IP means Static. Stand. Stable. Yes, static IP addresses don't change.

Basically it is not possible, to identify a person only by a IP address. 
But you should know, between your PC and our Server/Webspace are a lot of furher network devices. One of the first belongs to your provider (ISP). 
And the ISP have your personal data. So, anyone who gets the ISP-databases can analyse your personal - web activity, everytime, by checking IP activities.

You can visit our websites without entering personal information, only the IP from your device or proxy is required.

If you are connected with our web, your device transferred further data (e.g. browser-Version, OS, and a time stamp).
All devices in the direct line of these network record these data in their log-files. 


Our server (or the hosting provider) added to our log-file:
IP address, Visited-URL, date and time of web, volume of data transferred, access status of the server (file transferred, file not found, command not executed...), referrer & access method/function.

These DATA are not functionally adequate to identify directly a Person. 
To control and protect our webspace/webserver the data are used for statistical evaluation and to prevent abuse.
We reserve the right also to examine log data if there is concrete evidence leading to reasonable suspicion of unlawful use.


Personal Data

Different rules maybe apply to certain services on our websites and are explained separately below. 
Personal Information is considered if it can be associated exclusively to a specific natural person.

Personal data; collection
We only collect your personal data with your consent and manual entry of personal details you knowingly provide us with through forms and email, such as name, address, telephone number in accordance with the terms and conditions of German data protection statutes (BDSG - DSVGO), the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws.

We will never request credit card details via our order system. 
When we get your credit card data per ssl-mail, fax or phone, they are exclusively used for bill payment and bank clearance. 
Online transferred data are immediately deleted after receipt from our server. We don´t use Cloud-Computing.

Personal data; transferring
A personal data transferring only takes place to process your order and to provide after sales services.
We may pass on your details to another organisation (e.g. you have ordered delivery-services; HQ-LOGISTICS/ GLS/DPD/DHL...)  

Personal data; storing
We store your personal data in accordance to legal regulations.
Once a request/order has been processed and/or your contractual relationship to our company has ended, the collected data will be deleted, provided there are no duties in place to preserve records.

Personal data; consent
Your consent to use your personal data is given by manual entry of your personal data to our form system and accepted with your clicks to: 
-general business terms- accepted
-GDPR General Data Protection Regulation- accepted

Personal data;  information - change requests - withdrawal of consent
In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act you are entitled to receive information on the data saved on your person free of charge. 
Furthermore, if applicable, you are entitled to correct, block or delete such data. Your data will then be deleted, provided these data are required for contractual performance. 

You may withdraw any previously issued consent for us to use your personal data at any time. If you require further information or notification, or if you wish to have your data deleted, please send us an informal email to: datenschutz@natocorner.de

guaranteeing and goodwill

As a matter of course for all new products the same enjoining warranties by statute count.
In addition to it, we promise a friendly goodwill regulation.
Please contact us before sending back your article.

And please notice the following:
It´s not what you say, but how you say it. The condition of the sent article decides on the services, that will be taking place. 
E.g. boots, that still have soil on the sole, or, clothing with an unpleasant smell are no occasion for glee.

Sorry, but this information is necessary for a given reason.
-Sending back can only be accepted prepaid-


We are pleased with your requests!
You are welcome to send us detailed information, if you are looking for a product which we don´t offer here at that time. Please use our request form absolutely.
(information about size, descriptions, idea of the price, time of delivery etc. are important)

Unfortunately we can´t answer requests anymore, 
which aren´t specified enough and aren´t send under application of our request form.

With your order you accept the general conditions of business

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Supplier´s identification in terms of TMG (Telemediengesetz)

trading company: natocorner (www.natocorner.de)
incoming goods department: natocorner
* 54533 Niederscheidweiler * Hauptstrasse 2 *
owner: Axel Burdt
VAT.Nr: 123 672 576

forwarding department: "HQ-LOGISTICS"
Petra Malow comp. 50997 Cologne, Im Teich 8, Phone: 0151-20630042, mailto: info@hqlogistics.de

natocorner® is a registered trade mark of natocorner comp.

Errors and rendering mistakes excepted

Informationspflicht zur OS - Online-Streitbeilegung gemäß Art. 14 Abs. 1 ODR-VO: 
Die Europäische Kommission stellt eine Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung (OS) bereit.

 Direkter Link:

HINWEIS in eigener Sache: 
Wir widersprechen hiermit dem Zwang der Europäischen Kommission zur befohlenen o.a. Fremdverlinkung.
Schiedsgerichtsverfahren auf (supranationaler) europäischer Ebene widersprechen u.E. dem Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Art.20, Art.92, Art.101 GG).
mailto: requests(aet)natocorner.com

Fax(vanity-number): 0700/natocorner-fax, complied 0700 / 628 626 76 329
Service-Hotline; on weekdays
(14.00-18.00 MEZ): 0700 / 628 626 76 

What is vanity? Vanity numbers are reachable world-wide and they can be chosen by the actual holder.
The configuration of the call destination is adjustable.

PREFIX -numbers are not needed

The fax/telephone number corresponds with the company name:
natocorner = 628 626 76
N for 6...a...for 2...t for 8....etc.

Prices, state December 2023  from the fixed-line network of the German Telekom:
EUR 0.09 per minute

If you would like to have contact by phone, don´t hazitate to send us an email with your phone-number
including area code, no mobile numbers)
-a time (CET) when we can call you back-
-if possible, between 2 pm and 6 pm CET-
we will call you back.
Your advantage: no telephone costs.

Attention: Copyright by natocorner company . natocorner is a registered trade mark. All rights reserved. 
Reprints, reproduction or other changes & publications are prohibited.
Place of performance and court jurisdiction is Wittlich (Eifel, Germany).
Germany law is valid. 
Contract language is German, translations into other languages are not legally binding.
Products deviations of design and details are possible.
Offers, prices and terms of conditions are subject to change without notice.

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