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shopping cart-, request form-, catalogue order system database for more than 5000 items
installed:  30.12.2004 installed: 30.12.2005
last minute: gift/voucher
(up)date: 30.12.2004
MA1 -Jackets, various colours
(up)date: 24.01.2005
CWU flight jackets, various colours
(up)date: 29.03.2005
N2B -Jackets, various colours
(up)date: 27.03.2005
lumber jackets, various colours
(up)date: 19.04.2005
embroideries, insignias & logos
(up)date: 22.04.2005
B-3 bomber jackets, pure lambskin
(up)date: 9.04.2005
marine jackets: peacoats and colani
(up)date: 23.04.2005
news site: design and information
(up)date: 25.04.2005
homepage: design and information
(up)date: 5.05.2005
two versions: genuine item / reproduction
v. 20.03.2006
All items in english description available; the data base is online.
update: 2.1.2008 -please send your request.
Marine jackets: German Navy Colani
now available in natocorners special edition
-silver edition- &  -golden edition-
(up)date: 11.12.2008
Catalogue on CD; current issue; 4 Shops -one CD
* natocorner.com * armeebestaende.com *
* grafikpower.com * meshcontrol.de *
(more than 4800 data files, 4200 pictures and graphics,
extensive information, all on one CD)
!Updates for free!
Token fee: EUR 10.- (this amount will be equalised with your first order)
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